She spent the hole night crying

This a story about a girl the one who looks so sad it’s all about her struggle she is a bout 17 years old her parents and her brother they don’t understand her she sitting in her and hopeing for smothinng better and then her dad bust in yelling about shit that happened 3 days ago he smacks her a cross the face and push her down and kick her in the stomach and turns around she spends all night crying doesn’t understand why it has to be this way so she sneaking out her window and finds a tree to climb then she spends the night just walking around hopeing she can find happiness in another town she goes past the park and she remembers that time that she drank to much and that boy did to much it completely wercked her world she put all truest in him and lost and she spends all night crying at school the next day she sitting in the back and trying to forget all the pain but she can hear the wispers and everything one thinks they know what happened they think they know everything about her so she runs out and now she she is in the bathroom crying she pulls out knife and cuts her arms intell it begins to fell right and the burning starts to feel nice and then she goes home and spent the hole night crying she skipped school just walked around and smoked cigs all day and had couple beers to take the edge off she just sitting in the park and she finally feels at peace and crack’s a smile the first time in eight hole weeks she finally made the decision to leave she hoped the bus and knew she would finally find peace and she spent the hole night laughing.

Alex Jones really

He is on the radio and he is yelling really loud and he is making insane sounds he is telling me the satlilights are messing with the weather and the Chinese are sending hurricanes are way I am like really man how the hell I can’t even understand there he goes again saying Hillary is gonna get me and she is working with the new world order and saying things that don’t make me think my ears are playing tricks on me if he keeps this up I think they might bleed I like really man how the hell I can’t even understand he hear we go again he telling me that Sandy Hook was a flase flag and didn’t really happen but I thought I saw it on the news but I guess i must be worng I was like how could you even say it what must the families be thinking how could you be so curel then he goes off a bout the mole people trying to steal all my stuff then I hear there listing to everything I say he is telling my tv is looking back at me and I am looking back at my tv like hey do you wanna talk with me I am like really man how the hell I don’t even understand then hey says they wanna put me in a camp and throw away the key he is taking about how history has all been changed and everything they ever said is worng he’s got an alternative world for how everything ever happened he is yelling even louder and Listener jump for joy going crazy about the info war but they never thought they might be on the worng end I am like really man how the hell I can’t even understand  now he is saying we can’t drink the water he thinks that they are coming for all the guns he’s got such a negative view it’s​ like he hates this world he doesn’t see the good anything life is a conspiracy and everything is out to get me no one’s Nice every one’s got a secret agenda no one tells the truth there working for the one world government and if you don’t agree with you must be working with the enemy because I am the only on aloud to be right I am like really man how the hell I can’t even understand 

The sound of the world 

I am so lost in the sound of the world yelling at me  trying to mold in to what it wants me to be I am tired of working so long and being up so late and I am tired punching that coprate clock so with a song in my head and a hop In my step I keep moving along but I get keep doing what I need to do then the tree make a noise and the truck rolls on and I got keep on going there is talk of swamp draining you can feel change in the air but I am starting  to think it’s​ bullshit my pay still sucks and my insurance is no good so with a song in my head and a hop in my step I will keep on going the news is telling lies on both sides the crowd was big the crowd was small the radio is telling me what it wants me to hear and what I should be listening to and how I should dance and what styles I should be and how long my hair shold be they say this food is good this one’s bad and GMO are killing you but with a song in my head and a hop on in my step I will keep on going I walk around the town there are chain stores every where what the point of 37 hotdogs if there all killing you my pants aren’t faded and my shirts aren’t new so no one even lookes at me my shoes aren’t tied and my hair’s not comed so with a song in my head and hop in my step I keep on going 

My mind’s got a mind 

I am half a sleep my vision is gone I haven’t slept in days my mind’s been in other places wondering around working overtime and I can’t seem to slow it down sometimes I wish i could but my mind’s got a mind and it just goes I am looking at the tv and I am getting lost in the glow sometimes I wonder what it would be like to Live in one of those big old houses but knowing me me I would just get lost who needs 36 places to pee any way but my mind’s got a mind and it just wonders I am siting in my chair listing to the teacher rambling on about some forgeten war with people and places that no longer exist and then that commercial is playing in my head you know the one with the model that does not eat and she got a burger as big as her head and she is wearing barely any clothes and I never understood what that has to do with selling Burger’s but my mind’s got a mind and it just goes  and there I am standing at the water park I have always felt uncomfortable in my own skin like it’s waying me down I was just hoping I could be invisible and the girls would stop starring at how ugly I could be my mind’s got a mind and it just goes and there I am on top of montian my hands are so cold and it looks like I can see so far way and then and I look down and almost loose my cool and then there I am at a dance and it feels so werird and I don’t know where to put my hands and there playing some old song I can not hear because my heart is going way to fast but my mind’s got a mind and it just goes 

Prince with out a crown 

I was jumping around I was trying to be the prince with out a crown I was running around going form town to town I was hanging  on to an old dream that I would be the one to make it out of this town but I stay hear every night just wandering what it would be like to see the Stars form a different place but it’s​ okay because I am the prince with out a crown I am the one just hanging around walking down the same old street I have walked down a hundred times before I see the same old building there is the park where I kissed Jenny green there’s that old white house where I got durnk for the first time and there’s the old pool o remember sneaking in with my ex girl and when she told the cops it was my idea. But I always be the prince with out a crown and there’s the local coffee shop where I would spend every night I never spent a dime but they really didn’t seem to mind and there’s the stop sign we didn’t see that night the big old truck hit us going 53 and I had to took the thing form the car and run away and hear are the Stars I look at every night just hopeing one day I could be in space and I look at my old window the one I broke out of every night and there the old resutrant where I got my first job flipping Burger’s and where met the girl that would destroy my world but I will always be the prince with out a crown. 

I left you standing in the rain

I blacked out again yelling form the top of my house trying to escape the past and future every thing’s​ coming so fast to fast I can’t keep my head above it I feel everything at all at once more then you will ever know o feel it all I just look at you and I see it coming off you I see the pain in the girl walking down the street and I wish I could trun it off I wish my feelings​ where my own o wish my head was on straight I see every thing the guy in the back crying his eyes out the girl running away form home because her mom beats her ass I hear for everyone I am hear for everyone I am hear for all of you i just look past the crowds and I see me and you parting down do you remember that time we ran threw the town and stayed up all night listing to bad songs on the radio I can’t figure  everything​ out like what gonna happen  what allready Happened it all feels the same to me I am hoping mabey someday you will see I am hear for everyone one I walk threw the street at night just hopeing it can make my head stop ruining o fall in  a lake I see every past mistakes like the time I didn’t call you back after a big fight or the time I left you standing in the rain because I could not think of anything to say 

It all comes back 

I have been standing on a boat I have been thinking about you about that time you fell down the time you left me all alone I have been hanging on and trying to float back to but you drown me in your sadness I am barely hanging on I am only 17 never thought feeling like this would destroy me I am in my room I am hanging on to an old picture of you wishing I was with you I punched the wall I lost my cool never thought I would feel that way sitting at the edge of this hopeing the radio plays my song and someday I will be over this you dance around in my head you touerment me with every sound I hope you know when you went with him your the one that broke my soul now I am holding back every sound the tears just fall out and hear am sitting in my room with an old picture of you wishing I was with you I go on a walk I see you’re face at every stop I turn to run but I freeze in fear at the thought of you i hope one day I will be over this in far off place where never even new your name and what you did and the way you made me feel sometimes I wish I was numb like dad and I couldn’t fell any pain but hear I am the caption of nothing Ness abord the SS broken heart  siting in my room starring at an old picture of you wanting​ to hold you one more time my eyes dart back and forth in a room where I know no one nothing is said I just I hear the wispers of the room they that’s the sadist guy I have ever known he is the one that walkes alone drinking form a dirty glass but nothing is staying down all my thoughts are coming up I look to the sun hopeing for a brighter day and some way to live with my pain and some where to go to help me get away then it all comes back sitting in my room staring at a picture of you wishing I was with you.